The best thing about lighting is how versatile and adaptable it is to any interior, from modern to traditional, from large swimming pools to small kitchens, each project has its own unique individuality and we can work together from the very beginning to achieve bespoke comprehensive solutions.


Lighting is a powerful design tool and can bring many benefits to your project.

It can complement any interior or exterior, new or old


If done correctly save money with getting fixtures in the correct positions first time ensuring the lightingis working with the build and interior


New LED technology when used with central control systems will allow flexibility with circuitingand scene setting, creating different moods during the day within the same room


To ensure the design works to its full potential it ideally needs to be planned at the beginning of a projectbefore first fix. Having our own in-house lighting designer means that we can do this


Clients will receive the following at the end of the design work - fully marked up CAD drawings with lighting locations, circuiting and purpose marked on clearly.  Accompanied by a written specification and control schedule. The designer can also attend site and liaise with the electrical contractor directly.